• Orange Pound Cake

    Easy, moist and super light orange pound cake that you can serve any day!
  • Best & Easiest Banana Loaf

    The best, simplest and tastiest banana loaf you will every make using your over riped bananas!
  • Strawberry Overload Cake

    Strawberries are incredibly refreshing and healthy. Dutch specially love their strawberries plain with a little sugar on a sandwich or made into a jam. It is considered as Zomerkoninkjes “king of summer”. 
  • Delicious Coconut Cupcakes

    I love coconut! Who doesn’t right? whether it is on savory dishes or sweets, it just gives me this little nutty, slight sweetness and a hint of vanilla flavour. This christmas, I could not decide what do make and thought why not make something that reminds me of home and make it very christmas-y.
  • Party Mojito Cupcakes

    Are you looking for a dessert with a kick? Well, this one is packed with freshness and a perfect combination of drinks and dessert. This soft vanilla cupcakes infused with my favorite rum topped with mint lime buttercream.