What skills do you need in baking?

Baking could be easy for others, they make amazing things by just merely mixing ingredients they already have in the kitchen with so much ease in the kitchen. However, it could be taunting to others as well. 

Some people have tried once or twice to bake before but disheartened because something went wrong. When all they wanted to do was to make something nice to share with their friends and family.


When it comes to ¨what are the baking skills I need¨, I say preparation is the key. Preparation is the key to whatever work you need to do. Regardless if it is your school exam, presentation at work, vacation with friends or you know it, baking in the kitchen!

Here are some notes to help you prepare!

Ingredients & Tools

Once you have decided what you want to bake and you have the ingredients and steps with you, make sure that you read it carefully and that you have all the ingredients available. Note: Only use high quality ingredients. Also, have a glance on the steps and if there is any part that you are not sure, make sure you ask someone. You can also reach out to our instagram account @tastecrib in case you have any question or need help. One way or another, I am 100% sure that there is someone you know who can help.


Baking requires accuracy and tender loving care. From the amount of ingredients, temperature of your oven and to the size of your baking pan. 

Measuring the ingredients in advance and preparing all of them can make your baking experience a better one. This way you can just easily pick an ingredient once the recipe requires it and you will also prevent yourself from missing any or using the incorrect one.

Temperature of your oven is one of the important factors for baking successfully. I strongly recommend getting an oven thermometer to ensure it has the right temperature that you need. Sometimes, ovens are deceiving.


Most of the time, a fail in baking happens when the batter is overmixed. Make sure that you follow the recipe correctly. If the step does not require achieving a certain consistency, just fold them using a spatula or a hand whisk instead of using an eclectic mixer. Most of the time, when you mix wet and dry ingredients together, all you want to do is to mix them completely and this usually takes not longer than 1-2 minutes.


Once the batter is in the oven and we start smelling it, we get excited (trust me I did many many times) and we want to open the oven. Please do not! Opening the oven will lower down the temperature and will affect the baking time. Also, if the recipe gives a range of baking time, like 21 minutes to 25 minutes for muffins, start with the lowest one and do a bit longer if needed. It is easier to extend the  baking time rather than having an over baked one.

Hope these notes will help you with your future baking adventures and what I recommend is to not be discouraged by one flat cupcake or overbaked cheesecake. The secret is practice. And while you practice, make sure you enjoy the process. 

To help you with baking, at Tastecrib we want to take care of the high-quality ingredients and the accuracy of measurements with our baking kits. We have curated the best ingredients for you and carefully measured them exactly just what you need. 

With your support, we can make baking more fun, lessen food waste and just focus on creating sweet memories!

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